The irrigation system

The system of irrigation in the Minerva garden is very well accurate.
The instructions followed were mentioned by Agostino del Riccio, a Florentine ex-friar, in his work “Trattato di agricoltura sperimentale” (“Treatise on experimental agriculture”), 1595. It was attempted to keep a constant and rich irrigation during the seasons using proper drainage ditches.
Ideally the plants should follow a regimen sanitatis ( "as a body without a soul is dead, so is a garden with no water" A. del Riccio).
The irrigation, moreover, has an aesthetic value; in fact, the system of saving and distributing water follow fixed paths.
The garden represents an ideal of stability which is typical of the Mediterranean imagination.
The natural predisposition of the city of Salerno and of the contiguous coast made these areas very fertile and ideal for such irrigating systems.

  • Photos by Fabrizio Citarella (January 2011)
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