The "Luigi Cattaneo" Anatomical Wax Model Museum

The "Luigi Cattaneo" Anatomical Wax Model Museum is hosted in the Institute of Human Anatomy of the University of Bologna, in the central Via Irnerio, N.48.

When in the Nineties the oldest 18th-century wax models, previously conserved in this place, were transferred from the Institute of Human Anatomy to the original anatomical rooms of the Bologna's Academy of Science, this display area was dedicated to the "19th-century period, by bringing together under one roof the sections of normal and pathological anatomy, as had originally been the case under the direction of Francesco Mondini (1786-1844) and Luigi Calori (1807-1896)"1.

Among the many specimens displayed in the new Museum, can be seen the skin diseases and congenital malformations specimens by wax modeller Giuseppe Astorri (1785-1852) and the larger-than-life brain wax models by anatomical illustrator and modeller Cesare Bettini (1801-1855)2.

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  • Photos by Luca Borghi ti.supmacinu|ihgrob.l#| (May 2009)

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