The New York Academy of Medicine Library

"Today, The New York Academy of Medicine Library houses the second largest medical collection open to the general public in the United States, following that of the National Library of Medicine in Bethesda, MD. The main collection consists of over 750,000 volumes, more than 400 current journal subscriptions, and a variety of electronic resources. The cornerstone of the Library's Historical Collections is the Malloch Rare Book Room, which contains about 35,000 rare and important books, manuscripts, archives and artifacts documenting the history of medicine, science and other health-related disciplines (about 32,000 of these date from 1700 BC to 1800 AD). These materials are supplemented by an in-depth collection of secondary resources"1

The periodical room gives access to a journal collection with over 1400 titles, more than 400 of which are current journal subscriptions.

"The Academy employs two book and paper conservators, Anne Hillam and Erin Albritton, who staff the well-equipped 1,600 square foot Gladys Brooks Book and Paper Conservation Laboratory. They perform a wide variety of treatments for rare materials as well as historical and general collections. Volunteers assist the conservators with various projects according to their level of skill"2..

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