The Orphanage and Homeless Shelter "Mamma Bella"

Situated in Mamma Bella, Street, Campi Salentina (Le), Italy, the institute "Mamma Bella" was founded by Salvatore Calabrese in 1950. Its aim was to take care of children and homeless people.

That building was a reaction against the tragedies Salvatore Calabrese lived the year before. The months of 1949 were, probably, the most difficult of his life because of the death of three of his four children. This motivated him to be more active in regard of charity and beneficial actions.

Nowadays “Mamma Bella” is qualified as a nursery school and orphanage.

  • Photos and main texts by Marta Mazzotta ti.liamtoh|attozzamatram#| and Maria Poddi ti.orebil|iddop-airam#| (November 2015)
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