The Paolo Giaccone General Hospital

The General Hospital of Palermo (Via del Vespro, 129), entitled to Paolo Giaccone, nowadays is the healthcare company linked to the University of Palermo.1. After his journey to Palermo in 1924, Benito Mussolini decided to enact laws promoting culture in the sicilian capital city (this project was called "Grande Palermo"). The Polyclinic started operating between 1939 and 1943, as a model of unity among teaching, research and care of the sick.2


The Hospital is divided into several buildings.

  • Photos by Davide Norata moc.liamg|ataron.vad#| (February 2013)

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- L.A.D'Anna, Paolo Giaccone. Una vita, una professione., PhD thesis of The Institute of Forensic Pathology, Palermo 2000-2001

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