The Science and Art of Medicine gallery

The Science and Art of Medicine gallery - a part of The Science Museum in London (Exhibition Road, South Kensington) - is one of the world's greatest collections on the subject and reveals the history of medicine across the world and across cultures. This fascinating story is told through a display of 5,000 objects, some beautiful, some intriguing and all interesting.

Roman tweezers jostle with artificial noses while statues of saints are matched by the magnificent travelling medicine chest of a Genoese nobleman. You’ll find treasures from Ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome and learn about their contribution to the development of 20th-century medicine.

Psychology and public health are also covered here, along with major clinical and laboratory specialties such as dentistry, ophthalmology, physiology, microbiology, pharmacology and surgery.

A newly redisplayed section deals with other living medical traditions, including African, Chinese, Indian and Islamic practices. There’s also an introductory interactive section for children and a video in which patients describe their own feelings.

This is a wonderful gallery filled with exotic devices and historic artefacts which are bound to fascinate old and young alike1.

  • Photos by Federica Altavilla ti.supmacla|allivatla.aciredef#| (January 2011), courtesy of Science Museum.

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