Thomas McCrae's tomb

Thomas McCrae is buried, along with his wife Amy Marian Gwin, in this tomb of Grove Cemetery in Dundas, Hamilton (129 York Rd).

McCrae was William Osler’s right hand man at The Johns Hopkins Hospital and School of Medicine and was later recommended to the Jefferson University's President by Osler himself. He became the first Magee Professor of Medicine at Jefferson and taught in Philadelphia for 23 years, until his death. He was a superb clinician and a great observer. He was famous for saying: ‘You miss more by not seeing than by not knowing’.

Tom McCrae died of meningitis in Philadelphia after a botched operation to find out why he had become paralyzed. His wife (who was Osler’s niece) shipped him by train to the family plot in Dundas, and in a few years, heartbroken, followed him to the grave.

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