Thomas Young's home

As remembered by a Blue Plaque, Thomas Young lived in this house of London (48 Welbeck Street) for 25 years, from 1801.

“Young decided to sell Brocklesby’s house in Norfolk Street off fashionable Park Lane opposite Hyde Park, and find himself a new address in 1801. (…) perhaps he also sensed that he should locate himself nearer the emerging center of the medical profession around Harley Street, an address that within a few decades would become synonymous with top-ranking physicians and surgeons. All these reasons would explain his choice of Welbeck Street, close to Harley Street, where he would live for the next 25 years. (…) It is unlikely that Young lived in a luxurious style at 48 Welbeck Street, though we cannot be sure about this since he seems never to have described his domestic arrangements in any detail, except for the fact that he kept a horse and servants. (…) No sooner had he moved to the new house than he was apologizing in a letter to Andrew Dalzel, dated 27 June 1801, for the delay in replying to him caused by ‘the confusion of furnishing and entering upon a house’. There must have been a great many books and some scientific equipment to be transported, too, along with the furniture and pictures, by horse-drawn conveyance from Norfolk Street”1.

  • Photos by Luca Borghi ti.supmacinu|ihgrob.l#| (August 2011)

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