Tomás Mena y Mesa

This page lists items in the database related to Spanish physician Tomas Mena y Mesa (b. Fuerteventura, Spain, 20 February 1802; d. Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain, 10 July 1868):

Tomas Mena y Mesa first studied religion and philosophy and precisely when he was about to finish his carreer as a priest, he was invited to Cuba by his brother. In La Habana, he studied medicine and also completed a PhD in surgery in 1826. After that, in 1831, he moved to France where he studied tropical medicine, and after that he came back to Cuba. In 1846, his clinical skills became appreciated by The University of Cadiz. In 1847, he returned to La Ampuyenta, Fuerteventura, where he attended rich as well as poor people. During the epidemy of cholera in Gran Canaria, his advise was requested and, in 1852, he was the first to use -in the Canary Islands -cold balneotherapy as a way to stop the fever. In his will, he made a donation for his unaccomplished dream: a hospital. Eventhough the hospital was built years after his death (in 1898), it was never given into use.

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