Tommaso Pontano's memorial tablet

In the Istituto Nazionale Malattie Infettive - Ospedale Spallanzani, in Rome, there is a memorial tablet dedicated to one of the first infectivologist, who worked there: Tommaso Pontano. Furthermore, a pavillion of the same hopital is known as "Padiglione Pontano".

The tablet can be found near the entrance of the hospital.


The tablet shows on a gold background the name and the dates of birth and death of the infectivologist.

  • Photos by Mario Alessandro De Chiara moc.liamg|araihcedordnasselaoiram#| and Marta Michelotti moc.liamg|ittolehcim.atram#| (November 2018)

- Massimo Viviani, Il nostro Spallanzani, Roma 2007.

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