Umberto De Giacomo

This page lists items in the database related to Umberto De Giacomo, who was the main Director of OPIS(Ospedale Psichiatrico InterProvinciale Salentino) in Lecce from 1939 to 1953, and, with great commitment and dedication, reformed the hospital making it a model of efficiency. De Giacomo was a physician dynamic, attentive to the changes of time, advances in science, convinced that psychiatric hospitals should adopt to the new social sensitivity. He adopted the most innovative care systems of those years. In 1948 De Giacomo was approached by the ''Consiglio Direttivo della Società Italiana di Psichiatria'' to illustrate a report on the treatment of schizophrenia. De Giacomo was applauded speaker,when illustrated the results of same innovative operations carried out on some patients dell'OPIS during two majorpsychiatric conferences, one in Paris (1950) and one in Taormina(1951).In 1953 De Giacomo left the OPIS to take the management of the Psychiatric Hospital in Genoa.


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