Vester's Archive for the History of Pharmacies

"Vesters Archiv für Apothekengeschichte" was originally the name of a vast collection regarding several fields of pharmaceutical history, which has been successively divided and partly sold to Düsseldorf University Library and the Medical History Museum of Bochum University.

The core collection survives at the Department for the History, Philosophy and Ethics of Medicine of Düsseldorf University (Himmelgeister Str. 103), comprising the collection files and material from two comprehensive questionnaires 1926 and 1947 based on the Reichs-Apotheker-Register 1937. Some 6,000 institutional and 2,000 personal questionnaires, partly with comprehensive original enclosures, have been enriched over the 1940s-70s with diverse mostly published material by Helmut Vester and collaborators. Moreover, about half a million index cards sorted by towns and family names respectively reveal single facts taken from these questionnaires as well as from respective professional, genealogical and historical literature. This part of the Vester Collection is an exceptional source on German pharmacist families, an educational elite with many protagonists in science, culture and industry 18th-20th c.
The archive can be used or visited upon application, cf
Fotos: Dept. History, Philosophy & Ethics of Medicine Düsseldorf

Lit.: Marion Lischka, Vesters Archiv, eine universale Dokumentation und Sammlung zur Geschichte der Pharmazie, Klartext, Essen 1997.
Text: Isabelle Schwarzburger & Ulrich Koppitz

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