Victor Horsley's house

A Blue Plaque erected in June 2015 in London (129 Gower Street) remembers: ''Sir/ VICTOR HORSLEY/ 1857-1916/ Pioneer of/ Neurosurgery and/ Social Reformer/ lived here''. Horsley moved here in November 1882, while working at the hospital, and this is the place where he first set up his ‘brass plate’ of practice, was elected to the Royal Society of Surgeons, and became engaged. He moved out in 1885. A two-bay terraced house, the Grade II listed building is now part of a medical students’ hostel.

  • Photos and main text by Elisa Rossi moc.liamg|ittavazissor.asile#| and Francesca Rapiti moc.liamtoh|pararf#| (December 2017)


- Blue Plaque for Victor Horsley, English Heritage Webpage

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