Vincenzo Malacarne's birthplace

Vincenzo Malacarne was born in this house in Saluzzo (Salita al Castello, 21). His father, Giuseppe, was a military surgeon; after attending the school taught by the Dominican Monks, Vincenzo Malacarne entered the Regio Collegio delle Province di Torino to study surgery in 1762.


In 1871, a local physician, Michele Verrone, wrote to the mayor of Saluzzo, Carlo Borda, asking to honour Malacarne’s memory, also with a plaque to be affixed on the façade of his birthplace. A commemorative plaque was finally affixed by the municipality of Saluzzo. The Italian inscription reads as follows: IN QUESTA CASA / VINCENZO MALACARNE / E' NATO / IL 28 SETTEMBRE 1744 / RICORDO POSTO DAL MUNICIPIO" (In this house Vincenzo Malacarne was born on 28th September 1744. Memorial put by the Municipality).

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