Vincenzo Menghini

This page lists items in the database related to eminent Italian physician and chemist Vincenzo Menghini (b. Budrio, Italy, 15 February 1704; d. Bologna, Italy, 27 January 1759)


Vincenzo Menghini was undoubtedly a gifted student. He attended the Faculty of Medicine and Philosophy in Bologna, graduating on 18 June 1726. Afterward he became Lecturer of Logic, then of Theoretical and Practical Medicine (from 1738 until his death). Furthermore he occupied the chair of Chemistry, presumably for just one year (1758-59), right after the former teacher Jacopo Bartolomeo Beccari had ceased to work. He was also president of the Academy of Sciences of the Bologna Institute in 1748. He is remembered for having identified the red blood cells as the main site of presence of iron within the organism. He developed Domenico Gusmano Galeazzi’s research by meticulously undergoing Marcello Malpighi’s method to separate the blood into three different parts thus determining which one contained iron.


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