William Cowper's grave and memorial headstone

William Cowper was buried in the little church of St Nicholas, Bishops Sutton (Church Lane), where you can still find his grave and a memorial headstone with a moving inscription dictated by his wife. The inscription reads as follows: "Sacred to the memory of / William Cowper, / youngest son of / Richard Cowper / of this county Esqr / A citizen and surgeon of London / for Genius, Knowledge and / Experience most humane and successful / in every branch of his Profession. Most / eminent in the Science of Anatomy / which whilst he prosecuted with / unremitting perseverance anxious / to complete his treatise of Myotomy, / he ruin'd his Constitution by severe / labour and watchings. Seiz'd at the first / with an Asthmatick complaint / and afterwards with the Dropsy. / He died prematurely / on the 8th day of March / in the year of our Lord 1709 / and in the 43rd year of his age. / His afflicted Wife erected this Monument / to the best of Husbands".

  • Photos by Adrian Thomas (July 2016)

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